Life Materials

Shin-Etsu Polymer manufacturers packaging materials for various commercial uses, including food wrapping products. We also make CD and DVD packages for digital media devices. These products are mainly made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) via the inflation molding process.

Wrapping Films

Shin-Etsu Polymer makes a variety of wrapping films with superior permeability for a broad range of commercial markets. Click here for details.




shupua is container that won’t break even when dropped!
While it appear they are made of glass, these cups and glasses are actually made from soft silicone. From small children to elderly, these high-quality, high-function, high clarity Japan-made silicone products offer safety and peace of mind. shupua is easy for anyone to use.

anyTIME anyPLACE anyAGE –

Let’s eat in a fun and delicious way with shupua

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